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Hall of Horrors: Dark Harvest
Thank You All For An Amazing Season!

Cain and Ophelia Blackwell, the owners of the Blackwell Farm and Cattle Co. once had a thriving business with crops that supplied many businesses in the agricultural industry. As the farm fell on hard times, Cain had to find ways for the family to maintain their property through whatever means necessary. Things started to fall heavily into disrepair, their business fully went under and rumors in the town began to circulate that the farmers were delving in the dark arts.

From the road, eerie glows could be seen emerging from the barn late at night by passersby. Ophelia’s health began to fail her and Cain was soon to follow. Paranormal occurrences began to peak after the death of the Blackwells. It is said Cain was collecting many powerful otherworldly souls, the worst of which being “The Night Stalker”. Cain was said to be the only one who could keep the evil spirits at bay, but with his passing, The Night Stalker was able to escape its paranormal bonds.

Along with its many minions, they’re now terrorizing the farm and all who enter. Are you ready to face your fears? Step into our twisted cornfield and witness the terror as the straw-filled monsters rise from the earth. Will you make it out alive, or will you become the next victim of their wrath?

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